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Find out what others are doing and find the right training, team coach or peer group for your current challenges.

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Team Entrepreneurship & Team Development

Become an entrepreneur where the customer helps you develop your product/service and be able to coach autonomous teams.

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High Performing Teams

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Transformation Sprint

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Leading Thoughts - Unlocking your Potential!

Make your living and develop your mastery based on your dreams and passions, at Value Hub you learn by doing with and through others. Tapping into your potential through the help of others and a 25 years of experiential team learning process.

Three Brains in Resonance for a Collective Mind

Identifying your passion is all about experimentation and try to use the feedback of the actual actions to understand the feeling those actions create for you. 

  • When do you loose track of time?
  • What stimulates your curiosity?

Develop your learning contract to achieve mastery within your domain of passion.

  • Find domains and areas where your mastery could be acquired.
  • Do visits to gain access and shadow, do free work to access expert skills. 

Find your team coach or team that you can learn with to amplify your fulfillment goals. Deep learning requires references beyond your own references.

  • Shadow skill expert
  • Reflect with team
  • Experiment
  • Gained experiences and develop a business or a work opportunity

Learn how to listen to yourself and use your team to unlock your potential.

  1. Thinking, cognition
  2. Intuition, identity
  3. Values and emotions

Learn how to develop your teams and entrepreneurial culture aligning individuals, team and organization.

  1. Problem-solution skills
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Value creation skills

Passion (individual driver),

  • A passionate individual is more resilient, energized, curious and more engaged which will create an unjust advantage.

Purpose (context driver),

  • Meaning is something that is shared, this sharing is done in a context that creates belonging, safety and trust.

Personal mastery (value creation),

  • Mastery should be the intersection in-between your passion and work

Prosperity (impact)

  • How can you tap into your beliefs, values and make sure your work output aligns with the difference you want to make in the world.

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