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We are team entrepreneurs and team coaches and breath and share the same air as you and the ecosystem. Connecting to our ecosystem enables access to team network intelligence when you need it, connect and access just-in-time intelligence for your team coaching.

Petri Heinonen
Nino Baraka
Mikael "Mimmu" Hirvi

Massive Transformative Purpose

- Accelerating Transformation Capacity

Enable autonomous team learning and entrepreneurship culture for teams, organizations, NGO:s, startups and one person companies.

Our story

We came together to create an ecosystem for teams to drive entrepreneurial culture and meet challenges of the future!

2035, OECD report, 3 billion, 1 billion of these jobs will be created by companies and teams between 1-5 people and we want to be the community for these teams to help them unleash their potential.

The leading organizations of today are organized in teams, the organization of the future is team organizations in different forms. Remote teams, hybrid or co-joined teams. We focus on accelerating learning capacity for teams in a transformational world. 

The world is moving towards a  VUCA-world. Transformation is done exposure to new experiences and the process capacity to turn that data experience in to value. Join the team ecosystem where you can grow together or by yourself. Connect and find your team and become a part network of teams that can collaborate or just use it to amplify your process capacity in your increasingly difficult context. 


                             Meaning X Process = Impact

  • Unlock your potential find your passion, develop your mastery and tap into your unjust advantage
  • Have fun and enjoy your work, and create a compassionate culture
  • Connect and share meaning and impact with others with similar values
  • Collaboration is a co-creative joint journey
  • Make an impact to better the world

Meet Our Team Coaches

Do you need support from our network of Team Coaches to accelerate your team learning process? Do you want to quality assure your team processes? Access our network and platform to quality assure the team process and entrepreneurial culture.

Jack Lee

An ethical Team Coach who is driven by the impact he wants to achieve in the world.

Zoya Hank

A Team Coach that has throughout the years been involved in many international team coaching institutions.

Alex Jones

A Team Coach with extra deep knowledge in storytelling.

Chris Parker

A Team Coach with extra knowledge in e-commerce and drop shipping.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Because of Team Coaching we can see the effect on our culture especially, in the attitudes and well-being of staff and managers.
Juha Junnikkala, Chairman of Junnikkala Ltd
Building a team organisation in Wartsila. Mikael Hirvi has been the senior coach in Wartsila’s change process to build a team organisation since 2005
Jukka Saaranen & Jarno Tunturi, Managers at Wartsila
Over the past six years, Mikael has been a much-valued partner in the work of Akatemia CIC in enabling the creation of Team Academy-inspired undergraduate degree programmes in English universities.
Akatemia CIC, Alison Fletcher
I have been involved in the team learning for many years and feel that I have never encountered the skill within the field of teams and entrepreneurial culture as that of Mikael..
High performance, Rocio

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