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October 30, 2019
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Branding For a Profitable Dropshipping Business

Building a real brand is ridiculously hard. I mean it – it’s something only very few people will ever be able to achieve. It takes time, money and an incredible skill set. Especially for this one-month case study business project, it was impossible to build a brand for obvious reasons. However, I wanted to have at least some kind of fake branding. What I mean by that is that everything I do in my business – from colors to wording – should be matching. Just like a real brand.

The starting point was the colors.

Build a Brand #1: Colors

Yes, colors are a thing. Yes, colors have an actual impact on customers purchasing decisions. Yes, colors define a brand… However, I didn’t want to overthink the process of finding colors for my brand. So I simply went to Coolors to generate some color schemes. I hit the space-bar until a color scheme appeared I thought could work. 

Brand Colors of a profitable dropshipping business

Looked great to me.

I made my decision based on two factors:

  1. Colors of my competitors
  2. Trying to have at least 1 color that my competitors don’t use

I wanted to have a good mix of something that was already working and had a unique angle.

#1E3231 and #485665 were my “unique angles” colors and #8E7C93#D0A5C0 and #F6C0D0 were inspired by my competitor’s main colors.

Took me 5 minutes to generate a great scheme and I could move on.

Build a Brand #2: Font

Every brand needs a font which will be used all the time.

As my target audience was female and my colors tried to express some kind of a girly style, the font had to match with it. It would have made no sense to use a “hard” font. I was looking for a clear-to-read calligraphy font.

My go-to website for finding a good font is always 1001fonts. I set the filter to “feminine” and found a great font in just a few seconds.

The brand font

Matched 100% with what I was looking for.Note: There are many “free font” websites available. Always make sure that the font you want to use is also free for commercial use. Very often you’re not allowed to use it in a commercial way unless you pay for a license.

I downloaded the font and was good to go.

Build a Brand #3: Slogan

Coming up with a great slogan is something I struggle with all the time. Very often I just skip this part. But for this new business, I really wanted to have one. It didn’t have to be the best in the world. Just a solid one which matches with the rest of my branding efforts.

As I’m probably the most uncreative person on this planet, I had to rely on a slogan generator. Lucky me – Shopify has a good one.

Shopify slogan maker

The only thing I had to do was to type in a word/term that I wanted to include into my slogan and hit enter. I tried “phone cases”, “cellphone”, “vana”, “fashion”, “girl” and “style”.

It took me quite some time to find something I actually liked. In the end, a slogan appeared which I liked. Not the exact same wording, but I liked the idea behind this slogan.

Dropshipping brand slogan business

“Don’t Forget The Style, …” seemed good to me. I just replaced “Mum” with “Hun” and felt very good about it.

“Don’t Forget The Style, Hun.”

Colors – Check!

Font – Check!

Slogan – Check!

Logo – …still missing!

Build a Brand #4: Logo

Having a logo is crucial for every brand. Coming up with a stunning one which also exactly represents the values of a company is, in most cases, not just super expensive and takes a ton of time, but also very hard to achieve. It’s nearly impossible for a non-designer like me.

However, creating a solid logo is possible. Using templates which are available for free will get the job done. And that’s what I did.

I’m a huge fan of Canva. If you’re like me and have no idea about design, it will save your day (or life). Canva has some great free logos you can use. Unfortunately, uploading a custom font is a paid feature. But as I really wanted to use Canva for this case study business I signed up for their 30-day free trial. If I would make no money, I simply cancel the subscription. Canva even sends you a reminder three days before your trial ends. Fair enough!

Creating a logo in Canva is simple. There are many great looking templates and I just spent some time browsing through them to discover a good one. My logo had to express a feminine and strong style. About 20 minutes later, I came up with three different logos. Two for general usage and one for the purpose of a favicon, which I would use later on designing my store.

brand logo #1
brand logo #2
brand logo #3

Nothing fancy but, in my opinion, exactly what I needed.

I updated my brand assets in Canva and had everything in place.

the brand assets of a new dropship business

Before closing the brand building section, I only had to do one more step.

Build a Brand #5: Topic-Based Business

Usually, a brand stands for specific values. Big brands actually own certain values. As my business wasn’t a real brand, I sort of had to fake this value and create something people can relate to anyway.

Instead of trying to implement great values, I wanted to come up with a “topic/theme” for my business. Just a simple topic I would build my business around.

Building a business around a topic can help big time when starting a “brand” from scratch. It helps to come up with content ideas for social media, helps to build the website and simply helps with all of your marketing efforts.

Obviously, my topic had to be very girly and feminine in nature. Something my target audience would really like.

My online course includes a list of several topics to choose from. One topic-category is to build a business around one specific color. This means that everything I do, branding-wise, had to match with this one color. From the social media content to my store design and all.

For me, this was the easiest way. I already had my brand colors set so I only had to choose from one of the five colors and make it as my “main color”.

I chose to go with my the brightest one, #F6C0D0 (Rose/Pink) – the girliest color.

Branding wise there was not too much I could do anymore. At least not at this point in time. It was time to move on and start to think about my marketing efforts.

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