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Defining Your Target Audience

October 24, 2019
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Without customers, your business is just a hobby.

Building an online store and doing all the fancy stuff is easy. Actually making money is the hard part. It’s not easy to get other people to spend their hard earned money on your online store. No one has “enough” money so they could waste it. Even if there are people who actually have more money than you have, they don’t see it this way. Everyone wants to have more money. And by spending it, they’re moving in the opposite direction of that goal. You, however, want them to spend their money at your store. It’s almost a battle of money. 


If you see the whole transaction as a battle, you’ll lose. I promise.

The only thing we can do to get other people to spend their money at our online store is to provide one thing: VALUE.

Value comes in different sizes and shapes. But before we can even think about how to provide value, it’s important to figure out who our target audience actually is. Just trying to sell a product to everyone will end up in making no sales at all. Even if it’s a very broad product a ton of people use (like phone cases).

The best way to figure out who my target audience is, is by looking at my competitors. They already have customers. It only makes sense to check them out.

As I’m personally one of those stupid people who spend almost $50 on an original iPhone case from Apple, I didn’t know anything about this niche. Luckily, I have smarter friends who don’t spend that much money on phone cases. So I just asked some of them if they know a good brand.

Talk to your female friends about brands and what’s current. Males don’t seem to the same degree they seem to be more functional. If there is a brand that is recurrent from many people, ask in facebook groups or instagram, then look them up. Once you look them up you will see where the trend is, what’s current in that target group.

Look up their Instagram account to see who their customers actually are. The best way to do this is by looking at the tagged posts.

Target Audience of my Competitors on Instagram

Here you will see tagged images by people who already purchased their products. Those people are not necessarily your future customers, but you will be able to figure out how your target audience could look like in the end:

Age18-34 Years
Interests / Facts:Fashion, Leo-Look, Apple Products, Nail Art, Living a Healthy Lifestyle (but showing burgers/fries/ice cream)
IncomeStudent (limited information about their income)

This is a good start. From now on, you would do everything you do based on the interests of your target audience to provide value. From the language you would use to the upsells you offer to the products you would market but first you have to find products you can sell.

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