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Finding your niche

October 24, 2019
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We are in the business of learning by doing so please DO NOT OVER THINK THE PROCESS – JUST DO IT!

If you want to create a long lasting drops-shipping or e-commerce business you need to keep it within your circle of interest. So you go inside knowledge in the niche at hand.

From what I see, the vast majority of people doing niche research just waste their time. Everyone’s so obsessed with “the next trend” that they even believe they can’t make a single dollar without an amazing trend.

If this would be true, how would Tim have been able to make $6,667 selling watches in under 8 weeks and how would I have been able to make $8,873 selling sunglasses in 31 days? Both niches are what people would call “saturated”. But somehow Tim was able to make quite some money. Well when it comes down to dropshipping he is just a normal person.

The reason there is no saturated market in e-commerce and dropshipping is that the demand is growing faster than the supply. The amount of people coming online and the transfer of people buying more and more online is the cause of this.

So please accept that:

  1. There are no saturated markets
  2. There are actually no saturated markets

The assumption that you’re “too late” in the market only slows you down. There’s nothing positive in that kind of attitude. If you want to win, you have to stay positive – no matter what happens! So forget about your assumptions and become a real entrepreneur and learn by doing, this course is all about doing.

When I look up niches I like to have the following points checked:

  • Non-electronic, we don’t want the necessary problems with refunds etc due to bad electronics
  • Non-food, best before date is a problem
  • Lightweight, easy to send via package
  • Price below $5 USD, high turnover volume easy to sell

But these points are not set in stone, remember this is a test case for you so you don’t necessary want to go for your main business directly just to learn how it’s done. There are many people who have found success in selling electronic gadgets etc. But that demands some more work which is not wrong but just not a part of this course. In the future don’t let someone decide what to sell. You’re the business owner.

Your niche should have all these attributes. 

Even though you may want to have a steady niche, you can start searching for your niche exploring journey on the most popular page to begin with: AliExpress weekly bestsellers.

When you find a category in demand, for instance : phone cases

Not necessary the exact same as displayed, but at this point, your are not looking up products. You where looking for a niche.

To, validate the niche, you additionally looked up the term “phone cases” on Google Trends. And if you see a growing trend over some years you know the demand is fixed.

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