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Find Products to Sell in Your Dropshipping store

October 24, 2019
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Just like on the niche research, beginners spending weeks and sometimes even months to find products they could sell. Unlike them, you have a more simple approach to learn by experience rather than overthinking the process and just sell a product you know people use every day.

For the phone cases niche, it was very obvious that you could sell phone cases. But what kind of products, exactly. That is what you have to figure out.

Based on the interests of your target audience, you want to have products in your store which were somehow related to it. So you need to start to break each interest down:


The phone cases had to be highly fashionable as I want my customers to share the product on their social media accounts. As social media and especially Instagram is mainly about sharing great images, the products had to look great.


There are several products which are obviously related to fitness. For example, these ones. But even if these products would fit the fitness term, they wouldn’t necessary fit your target audience. During your target audience research on the competitor’s tagged images, you need to figure out the demand of those products.

Leo-Look Fashion:

Finding the demand for Leo, leopard phone cases and accessories (eg. popsockets). 

Apple Products:

If the vast majority of your competitor’s customers are using Apple products. During your research you need to includes checking the comments on their Facebook page, you need to figure out if you could see people asked for Samsung cases.

This meant that even though research-wise my potential audience mainly used iPhones, you have to be open to other brands/models. As a dropshipper, this is actually very simple and way more easy than it is for brands.

(Its good if your considered main competitor have no intention to be open to other brands)

Nail Art:

This one was tough and I couldn’t come up with any product idea which would make sense in the context of nail art. However, you need to keep this interest in mind for my marketing efforts later on. 

One idea was to cross-sell cases in many different colors so your potential customers could match their cases with their current nail color.

Healthy Lifestyle/Showing Burgers/Etc:

Maybe you have no product idea for this one. However, knowing this “interest” was still valuable as I could build up my social media feeds based on it.

In addition to all of that, you can take look at Burst, Pixabay and Unsplash. Maybe they provide some great free product images I wanted to see if and what kind of phone cases they have on their pictures. You could use these for your online store and get inspired to choose what kind of products you should sell.

Find products to sell for my profitable dropshipping business

You now had a good (but still vague) idea what you want to sell, you need to come up with actual products for your store. To find great products you need to consider three sources:

All three sources are easy to access and a good way to look for products. As the Oberlo Verified Supplier and Spocket product research require a Shopify account, it is time for you to sign up for Shopify’s 14 day free trial.

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