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Marketing a Dropshipping business 2019

October 30, 2019
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Marketing of a Profitable Dropshipping Business in 2018

Compared to actually making sales with a business, the things I did for setting up the business, was easy. 

Marketing is what most people struggle with. In my personal experience, I believe the most common mistake the beginner dropshipper makes with their marketing is A.) tryining to be too fancy/creative and B.) jumping into paid advertising (like Facebook ads) way too early. In other words: they burn their money. Good thing I had no budget for this case study business.Note: Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of paid advertising and the opportunities it brings. It’s definitely the best way to scale a business. There’s no doubt about that. However, you don’t start a business with growth marketing. What do you want to grow if you’re barely making sales?

I had my marketing plan already set up so it was time to execute on it!

Running a Viral Giveaway to Make Sales

viral giveaway is my favorite way to build up an email list from scratch. Everyone loves free stuff! Running a giveaway doesn’t cost any money upfront (only once I award the winner) and just takes a couple of minutes to set up.

There’s not much I had to take care of. I only had to:

  1. Find a prize my audience really loves
  2. Set up the giveaway
  3. Promote the giveaway

Not that much work.

First things first: I had to find an amazing price. 

I simply went to Instagram, looked up the hashtag #giveaway and spent around 30 minutes discovering some giveaways from other brands/people which received a good amount of attention. Two of them caught my attention:

Giveaway #1: Instax mini 9 giveaway

Giveaway #2: Unicorn makeup giveaway

I spent another 1.5 hours doing audience research. I actually looked up every single person who liked the giveaway post on Instagram and tried to figure out if they match with my target audience.

It seemed that the audience of giveaway #1, Instax mini 9, had more attributes of my target audience than giveaway #2’s audience. Especially the age and interests. So I went with the same product + case + instant film. In total it cost $150.

Having finished the hard part, I was ready to set up the giveaway. I used a tool called KingSumo. This tool allowed me to create a giveaway which let the people who entered receive more entries. They only had to refer a friend/follower and/or take a certain action.

After I filled out the basic information of this giveaway (title, description) I had to come up with an appealing cover image. So I went to Adobe Stock and searched for “InstaX”. Lucky as I was, I found a perfectly matching image.

Giveaway marketing stock image business

The colors matched with my branding, the girls matched with my target audience and the picture included the prize I wanted to give away. Jackpot.

I signed up for the 30 day free trial of Adobe Stock, purchased the license of this image and created a decent looking giveaway cover.Note: If you don’t feel comfortable signing up for another trial, there are several other great free images available on Canva and Unsplash. There’s always a free way.

As mentioned before, the people who entered the giveaway received several opportunities to earn more entries if they refer a friend/follower and/or take a certain action. 

Viral Giveaway Ecommerce Dropshipping business

I choose to give them 15 more entries if they become a brand ambassador.

Actually, as soon as they would click on “become a brand ambassador” they received the +15 entries. It didn’t matter if they actually became a brand ambassador or not. 

By clicking the link they end up on the previously mentioned affiliate signup/contact form page. Quite a lot of people used the contact form and wanted to become a brand ambassador. I simply replied with an email which includes the link to the Affiliatly sign-up page.

The brand ambassador program looked like this:

  • 50% discount
  • Free shipping
  • 20% commission on referred customers

It was very simple and managing such a program doesn’t take too much time.

The final giveaway looked like this:

How to create a viral giveaway marketing dropshipping business make money

I embedded the giveaway on my website to have the traffic and collect data for my Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

As mentioned in the very early stages of this case study, I had a simple email collection pop-up on my website. The moment I started my giveaway, I replaced it with a giveaway promotion pop-up I created with the Sumo app in Shopify.

Giveaway promotion marketing

Besides promoting the giveaway on my website, I also promoted it on my Instagram bio and Instagram stories.

I ran the giveaway for seven days. In the end, I collected 865 email addresses. I was extremely happy with the result.

How to get email addresses of potential customers dropshipping

I was even more happy with the number of sales I received because of the “brand ambassador” opportunity I gave people who entered the giveaway.

Profitable dropshipping business giveway marketing

$591.24 in sales. Deducting the $150 cost of the prize, I will end up earning $441.24.Note: $441.24 is not the final profit. Products costs, transaction fees, tax, etc still had to be applied. You’ll find the final profit calculation at the very end of this case study.

Additionally to the direct sales of this case study, I used the leads to for email marketing. More on that later.

Overall, the giveaway went very well.Want to dig deeper into giveaway marketing? Check out this conversation I had with an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur! (Incl. more free promotion ideas!)

My next step was to dedicate a collection to micro influencer.

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