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Working with affiliates

October 30, 2019
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Working With Affiliates 

I really wanted to make the people who agreed to work with me successful. If they would make money, I would do it, too. A win-win situation.

My partner program was already in place and the only thing I had to do to make this work was to communicate with my affiliates every day. A simple email to figure out what their main problems are so I can find a solution for them. Such emails also helped me to keep them accountable.

Some minor problems occurred but nothing hard to deal with. I always found a solution within 24 hours so my affiliates could move on with their work.

They mostly promoted my store on their social media accounts and some really put in a ton of work. Which paid off.

3 of my affiliates generated a total amount of $953.51. Deducting their 20% commission, I end up making $762.81 in sales. Not bad at all.

I’m never satisfied – so I moved on to my next step in my marketing plan.

Facebook Group Posts

I had Facebook group posts on my marketing plan but spontaneously decided against it. I noticed an increasing amount of spammy posts of dropshippers in fashion related groups. I didn’t want to do that as it could have hurt my online reputation.Note: In my opinion, Facebook groups are one of the best free places to connect with potential customer/follower. However, it takes time to come up with actual valuable content so people trust you and your business. I didn’t have that time for this case study project. If you’re starving for success, I can highly recommend providing value in Facebook groups.

Having made this decision, I moved on to a part of my marketing I was very excited about!

Email marketing For a Dropshipping Business

There are rumors that email marketing died a couple of years ago. Customers won’t open emails anymore. Well, believe it or not, at the end of my email marketing efforts for this case study project I made $1,671.14 in sales.

Here’s how…

I had four sources of getting email addresses:

  • Email pop-up on the online store 
  • Giveaway
  • New collection landing page 
  • Customers 

At the time I started my email marketing efforts I had a list of 1069 emails. I definitely wanted to take advantage of it. So I decided to split my one big list into two smaller lists. The first one only included people who entered the giveaway (except form the winner) and the second list included everyone else.

I did this because I wanted to send two different emails which I believed fit more for those audiences.

I started with the giveaway list.

As there was only one winner of the giveaway, I sent an email to the remaining 864 people who didn’t win. I wanted to give them some kind of consolation prize for entering the giveaway. 

To do this, I picked the free “Cutout” email theme on MailChimp and customized it a little bit.

Discount Email marketing business

Subject line: “Sorry, hun…”

If they would click on the “Shop Vana Cases” button, they ended up on a collection page where I displayed the best selling products at that time. I also used a shareable discount link so the 50% discount was automatically applied to my customers carts.

To my astonishment, this email worked out very well. I made $894.79 in sales from 42 orders. That’s a conversion rate of 4.86%. I couldn’t be happier!

Sales Email Marketing Profitable dropshipping business

Note: Because the one month of this case study project came to an end I didn’t have the time to resend the email to the non-openers. I recommend sending emails to the non-openers one week after your first email went out. Consider changing the subject line.

The second list had a size of 205 email addresses. Deducting the existing customers, the list only had 101 people left. Not that much. 

Sending a mass email to 101 people didn’t feel right so I made the decision to reach out to those 101 people personally. 

I used a free Gmail email address and sent personalized messages. A usual email looked like this:

Email Business Collaborations

After quite some back and forth over a couple of days, 21 people decided to go for it and placed an order at my store.

Collaboration make sales dropshipping

I believe the very high conversion rate of 20% was the result of hours/days of sending personal emails. A mass email would have never received the same result.

Not that I just received some orders, but also gained quite some more affiliates who helped me spread the word. It couldn’t be better.

With these efforts, the very exciting one-month case study business project came to an end.

Let’s see if I achieved my profit goal…

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