Dialogue-Experimentation Cycle

Customer Centricity 

Customer Centricity means that we don’t experiment with ideas, we experiment with customer feedback, needs and data. The key focus here is to amplify the experience at one interface touchpoint or add experiences on other touchpoint. Until you have traction it could be beneficiary to however focus on one. 


The process should be intact and the more experiment cycles you do, the more depth you will accumulate. The data/feedback you get from the customers you gather to process in the dialogue session in order to use the team to process the data for the next actions.

SECI-model for team learning in a VUCA-world

To enable a high performing team to evolve, you need to have a process to accelerate learnings, it is only in the learning that the team comes together. If you don’t have that process set you have not formed the structure needed for the team to evolve. Agile teams have a process in place to accelerate re-enforced learnings but lack the deep learning process. The SECI-model is a complement to support the team with both deep and re-enforcing learning.

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