Google Keep to organize

 Google Keep


Google develops Google Keep extension. Yes, you are right; you can use Google Keep for your dropshipping business.

To use it, you need to download Google Keep extension, login to your Gmail account, and then you will have the extension on the top bar of your browser.


You can save anything using Google Keep. For example, let save this page.


Now click on the extension and type the title and the note. Then you can label it. For Example, “Good Products. “

The link will automatically get saved to your Google Keep.


If you go to the Google Keep homepage, you can find all of the products that you saved before.


It is very comfortable because Google Keep saves products’ links for you in an organized way. 


Keep track on each others progress to stay accountable for the learning process

Learning and accountability is closely connected, since we are all responsible for our own learning process. This means to do what we need to do, the result does not matter initially. Trust the process and the learning will come, all you have to do is: Just do it!

We will share a task list together so we can see where each of us is, this way we see if someone is before or after you in the list and we can ask questions accordingly. There is also the notion of not getting the results you want and asking others that have done it what they did and learned.

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